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We are pleased to offer personalized assistance and individualized attention to all of Biancheria’s luxury home textile shoppers. Should you have any questions or concerns not addressed here on our FAQs page, please reach out directly to Biancheria’s Shevy Jacobs at 440-455-4636.

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Did you know that you spend almost a third of your day in your bed? Your home is your haven and you deserve to treat yourself to the most luxurious bedding, bath and kitchen products. Did you know that you spend almost a third of your day in your bed? Paying a little more up-front to ensure the best in quality for your luxury bedding, comforters, bath towels and other home textiles can actually save you money in the long run. When properly cared for, Biancheria’s luxury comforter sets and home textiles can last many years with the same high-end look and feel as the day you purchased them. 
A duvet cover is the ultimate in style and convenience. It gives your bedroom a complete makeover, whereas a flat sheet stays mostly covered by the comforter. Using a duvet cover also allows for easy and frequent washing of the cover without having to worry about washing the duvet itself.
A pillowcase is a three-sided fabric cover for your pillow. The fourth side stays open. An envelope has a fourth side that looks like an envelope because it gets tucked inside underneath the pillow. A sham is the most elegant with a finished flange edging around all four sides.
Goose down comforters, duvets, blankets and pillows not only provide that five-star hotel experience, but their high-end quality will last for many years. Down filling resists clumping and has consistent coverage to give you a pleasant, uninterrupted night’s sleep.
Goose down comforters, duvets and blankets are some of the most sought-after products because of how lightweight they are while still providing efficient warmth. Down is also extremely breathable and helps to eliminate perspiration. Biancheria will work with you to select the specific weight (summer, winter, or all year-round) perfect for you.
If you desire the luxuriousness of a down comforter, duvet or pillow but are hesitant to purchase one due to an allergy, Biancheria can help you select an alternative filling that will still maintain the look and feel you desire.
Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the sheets. While thread count is somewhat meaningful for cotton sheets, it is not an indicator of quality for other fabrics such as linen or satin. Things get trickier because companies oftentimes will fudge the thread count numbers in order to make a fabric seem softer and more appealing. However, after a few washes, the sheeting will already begin to show signs of wear. A much more reliable indicator of quality is long staple cotton. This is a description of the raw material that the fabric is constructed from. Biancheria can help you determine which fabric makes sense for you and will help you select the best sheets to fit your taste and price point.
Gram weight is a measure of the density of a fabric, usually used as a quality indicator for towels. It is measured by grams per square meter, with a higher gram weight meaning a thicker, more weighty towel. But there are other factors to consider for a towel, too, like high or low twist, weave, and fabric type.

Our luxury bedding and luxury comforter sets require specific care to maintain their high-quality look and feel. Upon purchasing from Biancheria you will be given specific instructions for caring for your items. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please call us directly at 440-455-4636.

Biancheria is proud to carry items made with only the highest quality materials and produced by high-end manufacturers. We stand behind everything we sell and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you have a specific issue or concern, please call us directly at 440-455-4636.

When properly cared for, your Biancheria home textiles should last for many years. But when the occasional loose thread or broken zipper does occur, we will try to help make it right.
Most standard orders of readymade products arrive within two weeks. Custom orders have a lead time of about one month. Monogramming is usually done in a couple of days.
Because our selection is so extensive and we work with such a wide variety of designers and manufacturers, we do not offer a catalog. We do show some ideas in our online gallery. Please set up an appointment to come shop in person and see our incredible inventory for yourself.
Brides-to-be are welcome to make an appointment to come into the store and select some of their favorite items. We will keep the list on hand for their guests to select from for upcoming celebrations.
We want all of our gifted items to be topped off with that unique Biancheria touch. We will personally help you select the perfect gift and package it all up for you ready to go for your special recipient.
We are happy to accept exchanges on most items within ninety days of purchase. Custom, corporate and holiday gifts are not exchangeable.   Unfortunately, Chinese auction prizes cannot be exchanged.

We are always available to speak with you personally. Let us tell you more about our shop and home stylist options, or schedule a consultation at your home or office. Call us today: (440) 455-4636.