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Meet Cleveland’s upscale Home Stylist
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Meet Biancheria's high-end Home stylist

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It has been more than a decade now that Biancheria’s home décor specialist, Shevy Jacobs, began her foray into the world of luxury home textiles.
Before moving to Cleveland, Shevy developed a keen eye for the wide variety of designs, styles, and fabrics and their particular uses.
Working with upscale designers producing VIP fashion accessories, she gained first-hand experience in the custom, high-end fabric industry.

Shevy has established lasting connections with some exclusive European vendors which she has brought into her own Cleveland-based business. Unique to its area, Biancheria offers personal home stylist consultations, luxurious home textiles, and the finest home goods and housewares.

Before you step foot in her shop, you may not be familiar with what differentiates a Turkish towel from a Portuguese towel or a French tablecloth from a Swiss one. But with Shevy’s knowledge in the home design industry and insight into core goods for your home and office, you will walk away with a new appreciation for, and an understanding of, patterns, textures, cloths, and materials.

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Your Personal home DÉCOR specialist

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Whether you tend to gravitate toward traditional home décor or you enjoy more modern furnishings, Biancheria has just what you are looking for and will accommodate any taste and budget.
As a luxury home stylist, Shevy works continuously to stay on top of trends by exploring the latest in fashion and design, attending home shows, and continuing to develop connections with different vendors around the world.

Shevy also knows her community—she is closely connected to individuals and families, organizations, and corporations. She will help you customize the perfect items for all of your gift-giving needs—from hostess packages to corporate gifts. Shevy’s individualized assistance, and her attention to detail as she creates that special gift and ties it all together, will rival any New York boutique store.

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A Luxurious Selection Unmatched by any other Home Decor Specialists in Cleveland and Beyond

When you walk into Shevy’s Cleveland Heights shop, you’ll enjoy an immersive luxury home textile shopping experience. She will encourage you to take your time exploring all that Biancheria has to offer—a collection unmatched anywhere in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

While browsing, you will see and feel for yourself Biancheria’s luxurious down-filled comforters and pillows, fine vases and stemware, and top-of-the-line tapers and home fragrances. But your options don’t stop there — from Brooklyn to Budapest, Biancheria’s curated collection includes many specialty items available on- order from manufacturers across the country and around the globe.

Learn more about Biancheria’s unmatched inventory.

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Explore the differences in style, texture, quality, and feel of our selection of duvet covers, sheets, shams, and other luxury bedding items.
Discover your preference of weight and fill power (fluffiness) when it comes to our blankets, comforters, and pillows. We will personally help you navigate the many options of down-filled comforters and alternatives.
Transform your house into a home with our wide selection of décor items including vases, tapers, home fragrances and so much more.
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From kitchen gadgets and stemware to tablecloths and hand towels – with the option to personalize with a monogram – we carry all the houseware items you need and desire.
Enjoy a spa-like experience every time you step foot in your own bathroom with our selection of luxury bath towels, guest hand towels, fingertip towels and other luxury bath linens.
You will be known as the quintessential gift-giver among your family, friends, business associates, and clients. From the customized wedding gift to personalized corporate gifts, we have everything to fit your taste and budget.
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Schedule a consultation

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Come and browse our impressive selection of fine bedding, comforters, towels, vases, home fragrances, stemware and so much more.

We are always available to speak with you personally. Let us tell you more about our shop and home stylist options, or schedule a consultation at your home or office. Call us today: (440) 455-4636.